Brandon Lin

Computer Science

I majored in computer science in my undergraduate years, so unsurprisingly I'm incredibly passionate about various topics in computation. While there, I did my senior thesis in differential privacy methods in graph statistic computation; which you can find it here.


I currently work at Figma, where we're working on enabling design capabilities for everyone right in the browser. Before that, I worked at Meta (formerly Facebook), where I worked on building an ecosystem of tools for SQL analysis and rich, privacy-aware type-checking, as well as AI infrastructure.


Check out my GitHub for some of my projects!

  • Rusty Rubik: a Rubik's Cube representation and solver written in Rust. In development: a general-purpose puzzle solver.
  • TorchLint: a device and matrix dimension linter for PyTorch programs written in Haskell.

College Experiences

In my college years, I was a developer and project manager at Penn Labs and a co-organizer of the Philadelphia Classic programming competition.

I've also been a teaching assistant for several of Penn's classes:

  • CIS 522: Deep Learning for Data Science
  • CIS 520: Machine Learning
  • CIS 320: Introduction to Algorithms
  • CIS 160: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science