Brandon Lin


Speedcubing is the art of solving Rubik's Cube-type puzzles as quickly as possible.

I've been a member of the speedcubing community for nearly 10 years. Currently, I can solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube in about 10 seconds, with my personal best time being around 6.7 seconds.

My main speedcubing specialty is a puzzle known as the Square-1, a variant of the Rubik's Cube that can change its shape as it turns. In 2014, I was the US National Champion for the Square-1 event, wth an average time of 12.83 seconds.

In January 2016, I broke the world record for the Square-1 average time, bringing it to 9.90 seconds. Up until January 2017 I broke the same world record 3 more times, with average times (in seconds) of 9.33, 9.07, and 8.45 (this record lasted until November 2017, where it was lowered to 8.38 seconds).

For more of my speedcubing statistics and rankings, here is my official WCA profile.

I've also organized 4 official WCA speedcubing competitions at Penn (the latest one is here) in an effort to bring more competitions and competitors from the Philadelphia area.

Some other resources:

  • I maintain a YouTube channel on which I post, among a couple of solve videos, tutorial videos on how to solve the Square-1 and many other advanced techniques videos for the Square-1.
  • Occasionally I stream some speedcubing on my Twitch as well.
  • I also have a cubing website on this site. It contains some text tutorials and algorithms that I wrote up a while back.